Veterans Day (Is there an apostrophe in that?)

I’m the daughter (US Army, Vietnam), granddaughter (US Army, WWII, Europe), and daughter-in-law (US Marine Corps, Korea) of veterans. Some of my very best friends have served this country, not to mention members of their families. That means something to me.

Grandfather, US Army, WWII
Father, US Army, Vietnam
Father-In-Law, US Marine Corps, Korea

I know there’s an anti-military sentiment in the US for many reasons, least of which is the current state of the Middle East. I acknowledge that, but this isn’t a post about politics. This is a post about people who, no matter what their reasoning, put their lives on the line. You can hate the military, and that’s fine. You have your reasons, and I’m not here to force my beliefs on anyone. But I believe they deserve a modicum of respect.

I’m not asking you to go out of your way to hug a soldier or anything, but maybe send them a cup of coffee. Green Beans Coffee set up a great site where you can buy a service person a cup of coffee. I’ve gotten many heartfelt thank yous, as well as some pretty cool pen pals out of doing this. Give it a try if you have an extra $2.

If you’re feeling especially generous, consider donating to Wounded Warriors. I’ve known several people who have used their services for help big and small. They really do make a difference.

So that’s all I have to say about that. Enjoy your Wednesday (especially if you have the day off).

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