So, I stuck with at least ONE of my new year resolutions…I’m not going to be afraid of Kickstarter. And I’m PROVING this by launching a Kickstarter campaign on March 1, 2019 with collaborator Claire Connelly for our latest book, Strange Tails.

Claire and I have worked together many times, most notably on our epic story The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary. The folks at said some nice things about it here. They were also kind to our follow up book, Cheese: A Love Story, too.

But Strange Tails is something special. This book will debut of our newest story, Eve: The Immortal Lobster!

We’ve done time travel, inter-species romance, and now we conquer the SPACE OPERA! Eve: The Immortal Lobster is an intergalactic epic tale following Eve, a Captain in the Jastogian Navy. Eve’s life is turned upside down when the warmongering Beurre invade her planet in search of Asin (salt). She assembles a small group of rebel fighters that make a last ditch effort at survival. The losses are many. Was the price of freedom too high?

The Kickstarter is to fund a print run of Strange Tails, which will not only have Eve: The Immortal Lobster, but will also have reprints of Churchill and Cheese IN COLOR!

Yes, Claire and I have roped in some poor unfortunate souls to help us in this massive undertaking. Liana Kangas, Matt Emmons, Gab Contreras, and Cardinal Rae have been blackmailed into aiding us in this endeavor.

So please join us on March 1st when our Kickstarter launches and help us in reaching our modest goal of $5,500 for a print run of Strange Tails. You can pick up PDFs of all three stories, print copies of Strange Tails, commissions by Claire, script reviews by me…we’ve got a lot of options. So please consider backing the book. Thanks!

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