2018…A year that feels like five years packed into one!

I admit…I’ve been remiss in writing blog posts. It’s been a good amount of months (maybe even an entire year) since I’ve written a blog post for the whole seven people who probably read this. That said, I’ll play along like every other professional writing their year in review.

I had some incredible opportunities this year, namely the publication of Twelve Devils Dancing by Action Lab Danger Zone. This is a story I had worked on for years, and I’m glad it finally found a home. Thanks go out to Shawn Pryor, Shawn Gabborin, Nicole D’Andria, and Bryan Seaton from Action Lab for all their work in getting this story out there. On the art side, Dave Acosta, Andrew Covalt, and Cardinal Rae really kicked ass, and the line up of cover artists is amazing. Dave Acosta and Jason Lewis drew the Lexington Comic Con exclusive cover. JK Woodward knocked out the San Diego Comic Con exclusive cover (sold at the Action Lab booths at San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con). The standard covers were done by Kelly Williams, Maria Laura Sanapo, Adriana Melo, Natasha Alterici, Michael Montenat, and Kevin Maher. And I can’t forget the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz with his amazing cover for the collected edition (on sale January 2, 2019). You can see the covers below:

L to R: Lexington Comic Con Exclusive cover by Dave Acosta & Jason Lewis, San Diego Comic Con Exclusive cover by JK Woodward, Issue 1 cover by Kelly Williams, Issue 2 cover by Maria Laura Sanapo & Jason Lewis, Issue 3 cover by Adriana Melo, Issue 4 cover by Natasha Alterici, Issue 5 cover by Michael Montenat, Issue 6 cover by Kevin Maher, and Trade Paperback Collection cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.
Daredevil annual cover by Shane Davis

I also was able to write the Daredevil annual for Marvel Comics. This oversized one shot focused on the early career of Misty Knight as an NYPD detective and her conflict with the masked vigilantes of New York City. Thanks to Marvel and the creative team on this book, especially Marcio Takara, who was a fantastic collaborator. This was a really fun issue to write, I mean, who could forget the cupcake machine gun? I hope to be working with editor Sarah Brunstad again soon!

Xena #9 cover by Vicente Cifuentes

I was back at work with Dynamite Entertainment again by taking over writing duties on Xena: Warrior Princess from Meredith Finch (Rose). Having the opportunity to work with the talented Vicente Cifuentes was a great experience, and I hope to work with him more. And it goes without saying that Dynamite has been a terrific publisher, and I was glad to follow up my work on Charmed last year with the incredible Maria Laura Sanapo.

Where We Live cover by JH Williams III

My first writing work with Image Comics was also published this year in the Where We Live anthology. Liana Kangas illustrated a very personal story about the father/daughter relationship and guns in America. The proceeds of the book go to the Route 91 Strong foundation and was in direct response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas. This anthology should’ve never had to be made, but I thank JH Williams III and all the incredible creators involved for having me be a part of this book.

Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology #4 cover by Tom Barton

Two of my stories were published in Oneshi Press’ quarterly anthologies. Heartbreaker, the story of a ne’er-do-well CIA agent with special abilities, was a story I wrote forever ago that was brought to Technicolor life by Jan Velazquez. Gabrielle: The Messenger is another story I sat on for a long time until Emily Swan put line to words. It follows the “life” of the Messenger Angel, Gabrielle, as she accomplishes her missions she feels God is sending her on. If you haven’t checked out Oneshi Press, you should. Lynsey G and Jayel Draco are curating some out of this world stories.

Destiny NY Volume 2 cover by Manuel Preitano 

I was fortunate to work with Natasha Alterici again on a short for Pat Shand’s universe in Destiny NY Vol. 2. It was another very personal story about sisters and how a sibling relationship can hold on to the bad and not progress. Natasha did a phenomenal job on the artwork. So thanks to everyone at Space Between Entertainment for giving me the chance to add to that world.

This Nightmare Kills Fascists cover by Ben Bishop.

This Nightmare Kills Fascists was another anthology I contributed to, this time, teaming back up with Claire Connelly for a short two paged story focused on politics and politicians. Eric Palicki, Matt Miner, and A Wave Blue World’s Tyler Chin-Tanner brought together some fantastic creators for a horror take on the state of our current world. But if you want a sunnier view of how we can all make a difference, you should check out All We Ever Wanted, also curated by that trio.

Corpus: A Comic Anthology of Bodily Ailments was a personal project that writer/editor Nadia Shammus put together this year. I was lucky to be able to work with my old college flame, Kevin Maher, on a story about my struggle with endometriosis and the complications it causes in life and relationships. It was a very cathartic piece to write, and I hope this book is able to give some people comfort for whatever is ailing them.

Speaking of teaming up with old friends, Claire Connelly and I will be teaming up again to complete our Strange Tails trilogy! Eve: The Immortal Lobster will be coming in 2019 and in full color! We’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the print run of Eve, packaged with newly colored versions of Cheese: A Love Story and The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary. Liana Kangas and Matthew Erman are providing colors for Eve and Cheese, so keep an eye on our Twitter feeds for launch information.

The Resurrected #1 cover by Crizam Zamora

On the editorial front, I’ve been working with Christian Carnouche on the post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure The Resurrected. Having successfully funded the printing of the first issue, including a variant cover by Ariela Kristantina, Christian is releasing the rest of the book digitally. Crizam Zamora and Sal Aiala are providing artwork to this stunning landscape. Part Blade Runner, part redemption story. You should definitely check it out.

Well, that seems to be it…as if that wasn’t enough! There are some other projects brewing in the background that will hopefully be announced soon, so please keep checking back.

In the meantime, I wish for you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Be good. Be safe. Be nice. Peace.

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  1. Scott says:

    Wow! You have been busy, Erica! Congratulations!

    I’ll have to reach out to your people to catch up with you, won’t i? 😉


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