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The Ringo Awards!

Time is running out to nominate books for The Ringo Awards. If you’re not familiar with the Ringos, they’re officially called The Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards, named after the influential creator, Mike Wieringo. (You can read more about Mike Wieringo and his legacy here.)

The reason why I’m writing this post is to let you all know that ANYONE can vote in the Ringo Awards. That means fans, creators, moms, dads, ANYONE. So I’m asking for your help to get Twelve Devils Dancing from Action Lab Danger Zone some of the credit lots of people think it’s due. (You can read a great review of Twelve Devils Dancing here and more reviews here.)

Why is this important? Well, there are a lot of great indie books out there that don’t always get the press they should. Sometimes the publisher doesn’t have the time or money to get the word out. Sometimes it’s self-published and the creator doesn’t have the reach it needs. Sometimes a book just gets bogged down in a sea of other great indie work. Whatever the reason, if you read Twelve Devils Dancing and enjoyed the compelling story we told, please head over to The Ringo Awards website. Twelve Devils Dancing is eligible for Best Writer (Erica Schultz), Best Penciller/Inker (Dave Acosta), Best Colorist (Andrew Covalt), Best Letterer (Cardinal Rae), Best Series, and Best Single Issue or Story.

Thank you for the support!


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