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I’m Erica!

I’m a Ringo Award nominated comic book writer (and editor and instructor and letterer). I’m the creator of Forgotten Home (nominated for five Ringo Awards in 2020, published by comiXology Originals and Dark Horse Comics), the co-creator of Bylines in Blood with Aneke and Van Jensen from AfterShock Comics, the co-creator of Strange Tails with Claire Connelly (nominated for a Ringo Award in 2020), co-creator of M3 with Vicente Alcázar (winner of the Best Comic award at the 2012 Burbank International Festival), and creator of Twelve Devils Dancing from Action Lab Danger Zone.

If you want to see a list of my publications, go to Things or my Wiki page.

 Want to read about my work and listen to some interviews? Well, then the Press & Interviews tab is for you.

Stuff is my attempt at a blog. It’s a work in progress…like all of us, I suppose.

And if you want to contact me, you can just click (ta-dah!) Contact. I’m available for writing, editing, script reviews, script doctoring/revisions, etc.

Be good, all!

-E : )