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“Its a fantastic introduction to this new take on the classic character.” – Graphic Policy

“Of course, Schultz is a dab hand at mixing the magic with more grounded elements.” – Comic Crusaders

CNI Unplugged! Episode 1077 with Jimmy Aquino – Comic News Insider

“We bring back writer ERICA SCHULTZ to talk about her latest work, Forgotten Home!” – Capes on the Couch

“Exactly what an Annual should be.” – Serious Issues

“This epic matriarchal tale will pique the interests of both YA fantasy and sci-fi readers alike…” –

“A brisk, breezy blend of fantasy action and family drama.” –

“I highly recommend it, especially because of the mother-daughter connection and conflict.” –

“This is a comic written and illustrated by women, and starring women as the central characters. Sadly, that’s not something we can say often in this industry. Plus, it’s a highly enjoyable, polished read.” – The Comic Book Yeti

Chatting with CNI’s Jimmy Aquino at NYCC – Comic News Insider

“I think the best heroes are the flawed ones.” – CityWide Blackout

“It’s a testament to good writing when you want to know more about the side characters, too.” – Capes on the Couch

“Overall, the comic series is a penetrating thriller that will make the reader unsettled. The story by Erica Schultz is chilling, discerning, and well developed. The art by Dave Acosta, Andrew Covalt, and Kelly Williams is gorgeous. Altogether, a crime procedural that belongs in the great canon of murder mysteries.” – Graphic Policy

“In short, by the gods, we’ve got another winner on our hands!” – Infinite Earths

“WMQ&A Episode 29: Erica Schultz Writes (AND edits AND letters AND …)” – WMQ Comics

“The final pages of this chapter will have you glued to the page and begging for more.” – Horror Talk

“Erica Schultz and Vicente Cifuentes continue as a great creative team…” – Un Cómicas

“A series so full of fun! This one never disappoints.” – Infinite Earths

“Erica Schultz does a great job showing that these characters are still young, early in their respective careers, without over-explanation or relying on a framing story flashback.” – You Don’t Read Comics

“8 ‘Cupcake Machine Guns’ out of 10” – Black Nerd Problems

“Schultz and Takara do that in this issue, making it a very fun read.” – Bam Smack Pow

“This is one of the most impressive and strong books that I have had the pleasure to read this year and should definitely be up for limited series of the year.” – Reading with a Flight Ring

“It’s an engrossing, pitch-perfect balance of dark and light, and while it doesn’t break from genre convention, it certainly introduces some welcome new flavours to the mix. I just wanted more.” – Critical Hit

“The latest issue of Xena: Warrior Princess is top grade, chilling and fun with every turn of the page!” – Infinite Earths

Daredevil and Misty Knight: Year One on One – Newsarama

Twelve Cats Dancing – Gotham by Geeks

“The writing and interior artwork is simply stunning and you will NEVER see any of this coming your way.” – Reading with a Flight Ring

“When I heard the series would be shifting to a new writer, to be quite honest I was a bit disappointed, but with new scribe Erica Schultz now handling the adventures of Xena and Gabrielle, I could not be more pleased.” – Fandom Post

“Xena and Gabrielle find themselves at the tender mercies of a new writer in the form of Erica Schultz who takes over the writing duties from Meredith Finch.” – SciFi Pulse

“Erica Schultz has crafted a magical mystery certain to rope in the readers.” Rating: 5/5 – Infinite Earths

Wendi Freeman interviews Erica Schultz -Double Page Spread

Cult Mentality with Erica Schultz – Adrian Has Issues

Dave Acosta and Erica Schultz talk Twelve Devils Dancing – Vodka O’Clock with Amber Love

FIRST LOOK! Twelve Devils Dancing – Pop Culture HQ

Erica Schultz talks about her inspirations, her story, and why she identifies with Hulk. – Oneshi Press

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Charmed by her work – Creator Talks

Getting ‘Charmed’ with Erica Schultz – Secrets of the Sire

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7 Reasons We Need More HAWKGIRL by Erica Schultz and Sonny Liew – Comicosity

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Comic Book Review: Swords of Sorrow Kato & Masquerade –

Review: Swords of Sorrow: Kato & Masquerade –

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