I honestly don’t understand the whole, “Hack someone’s email” thing. Then do what? I’d say, “Could someone please explain it to me,” but then I think I’d be opening myself up to another hack.

I’m sorry if you got spam from me. Obviously, my intentions were NOT to get hacked, but, alas, I was a caught with my leggings down. So after having to change pretty much every password known to man, wiping my laptop and reinstalling from an older back up (only 3 days old, but STILL!), I THINK I’m back to (or close to) where I was. I HOPE I am. I’m pretty fastidious when it comes to file saving, so fingers crossed.

Anyone trying to reach me while I’m locked out of my email can also get me on the contact page of this site.

With that, I wish everyone who is going to Thought Bubble safe travels and a fun time. Go see Monica Gallagher and buy all the things from her. She’s awesome. To everyone else, have a great weekend. And don’t get hacked!

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