So much to talk about right now.

Some people who follow me on Twitter have seen that hubs and I adopted a fluffy puff from the shelter this past week. His name is Simon. He’s still getting used to the new sites, sounds, and smells of our apartment, but he seems to be settling in well. I sewed him a Star Trek blanket because…well, just because. DON’T JUDGE ME!

In other news, I will be a guest at the Salt Lake Comic Con in March. I’m SUPER jazzed about this because I’ve never been to Salt Lake City, and I hear they have an awesome show. They have an amazing line up of comic guests and celebrities already, and I can’t wait to see who they add next!

The Swords of Sorrow compendium is out! This is the ENTIRE series in one amazing tome. That means the writing stylings of Gail Simone, Mairghread Scott, G. Willow Wilson, Nancy Collins, Emma Beeby, Mikki Kendall, Leah Moore, Marguerite Bennett, and me are all bound together in a package of awessomeness! It was such an honor to be writing alongside these ladies. But, I haven’t talked about the AMAZING cover artists like Joyce Chin, Billy Tan, Tula Lotay, and more. AND then there’s the FABULOUS interior artists like Sergio Davila, Dave Acosta, Noah Salonga, Mirka Andolfo, Francesco Manna, Crizam Zamora, Rod Rodolfo, and Ronilson Freire. Dynamite did an awesome job of wrangling so much talent to put this epic series together.

I’ll have more convention announcements as things progress, but that’s it for now! Have a great Monday!

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