I’m thinking of doing a monthly post of people you should know. I’ll likely forget to do it next month, but even if I do, these are two places you should know.

Comic shops:
The Comic Book Shop

These. People. ROCK! I love this shop. I love these guys. Sarah and Titus run an amazingly welcoming shop for newcomers and lifelong fans alike. It’s pet friendly, too. If you’re in Wilmington, DE, DEFINITELY go by and hang with these peeps. They’re usually at Baltimore Comic Con so you can always check them out there, too.

East Side Mags

This is a newer shop in Montclair, NJ, and let me tell you, Jeff and his wife are awesome. (She and I both have blue lotus tattoos.) Claire Connelly and I did a signing there back in May and Jeff was a lot of fun and very inviting and accommodating. They’re about local creators and the comics community, so stop by and chat with these guys. Awesome conversations will be had.

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