Merry Christmas! (if you celebrate that sort of thing)

A.J.’s alarm went off early so he could get ready for Christmas mass. I just rolled over and, for whatever reason, thought about baseball and my beloved Yankees.

Then, I tried to remember the words to the U.S. national anthem. I think I screwed it up.

Then, while hubs was in another room, I decided to get up and go do the one Christmasy thing I’ll do all day…open my gift from him. I’m excited! It’s handmade natural soap with lemongrass and it smells DIVINE!

Hubs knows that I don’t like gifts. It’s something he’s had to get used to. I prefer for Christmas, birthdays, or whatever other day/holiday that “requires” giving that a donation is made to a charity. In honor of my “nightmare” that Michael J. Fox was my childhood sweetheart and he broke my heart, I had Hubs donate to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Some people have accused me of being self-righteous, and that’s fine. I’m going to Hell anyway, so it’s okay.

I already got a lovely gift from one of my very good friends abroad, the amazing Fee McBee.

Aaaand, my Cup of Joe pen pal sent a Merry Christmas email. It’s a really great program you should look into.

Maybe we’ll see the new Star Wars flick today. Maybe we’ll just loaf around the house. Who knows. But whatever we choose to do, the happiest of merriest Christmases to you! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then TGIMFF (you can guess the extra MF).


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