Kicking Fascists!

It’s like punching Nazis, but a little different.

So, in light of the insanity of the current administration (and the general state of the world being what it is), I thought I’d take a blog post to push an anthology project that I’m honored to be a part of.

Superstar comics writers Matt Miner and Eric Palicki are the brain children behind This Nightmare Kills Fascists.

Now, this book has got some AMAZING talent attached (aside from me, of course). I team up again with the PHENOMENAL artist and partner in crime, Claire Connelly, to put our unique spin on the current state of politics. If you liked our books, Cheese and The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary, you’ll be hooked by our story. But we’re not the only awesome contributors.

The fabulous artistic talents of Soo Lee, Kelly Williams, Ariela Kristantina, Christian DiBari, Sean Von Gorman, Jamel Jones, Crees, John Bivens, Don Cardenas, Eric Zawadzki, Vincent Kukua, Ben BishopFabian LeLay and Michael Wernke join the crew!

And that’s not even mentioning the writing styles of Vita Ayala, Tini Howard, Katy Rex, Justin Jordan, Dave Ebersole, Chris Sebela, Ryan Ferrier, Ryan Lindsay, Forrest Helvie, Andrew Shaw, Joe Corallo, Tyler Chin-Tanner, Josh Gorfain, Fabian LeLay, and Michael Wernke (Yes, they’re there twice because they’re writers AND artists).

See! That’s a whole lotta comics coolness in one book!

So the point of this post is to let y’all know that this a Kickstarter, which means, this group of astonishing, phenomenal, spectacular, incredible, and very, very BIGLY talented people can’t make this book without YOUR help!

So please go here to make this awesome project happen!

Keep kickin’ ass and kickin’ fascists! THANK YOU!

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