Father’s Day

Every Father’s Day (since I became an adult), my ritual with Dad was to see whatever Summer blockbuster movie was playing, and then we’d discuss it over a late lunch.

Last Father’s Day we saw Jurassic World. Sure, he found it just as ridiculous as I did, but we got a laugh out of it.

Several years ago, I took him to see Episode III in the same movie theater he took us to see Empire and Return (and the SAME theater they saw A New Hope in…Mom was nine months pregnant with me, I got to listen to the whole movie!). It was the same theater we saw all four Indiana Jones movies. In 2008, I took him to see Crystal Skull. He wasn’t a fan (me, neither).

We had wanted to see Winter Soldier when it was still in theaters (I know dad would have appreciated the awesome knife fight between Cap and WS), but by the time we got around to scheduling our date (me with cons and him with…well, whatever it is he did), it was already out of theaters.

He (mostly) enjoyed the new Star Trek movies (Dad and Mom were HUGE fans of the original series, they used to go to the old Creation Cons back in the day), though he took umbrage with the major change with “Khan.” (No spoilers!)

This year, we likely would’ve seen Apocalypse, as it’s the big movie out there, unless I could tempt him with Civil War. Cap’s plot is a BIT easier to explain. I remember trying to give Dad a rundown of Days of Future Past and how it differed from the comic. That was a process. Dad was never really into comics as a kid. He was more into reading Asimov or Bradbury.

Well, enough rambling…Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, mothers, sisters, and others who take the place of fathers. Be well.


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