I grew up in Teaneck, just over the GWB from NYC (George Washington Bridge and New York City for the uninitiated). I used to listen to Z100’s morning show before going to school. One October morning — I don’t know if it was actually Halloween or just the day we all dressed up for school because it was NEAR Halloween — the main ZJay (they had ZJays, not DJays) told a Halloween joke, and all I can remember is the punch line, “Because he had a hollow weenie.” What a sad commentary on my life that that’s all I remember. If anyone knows the rest of the joke, so I can piece it together in the annals of my mind, please let me know.

I used to love Halloween. For someone who never really felt like she knew who she was, Halloween was the one day I could try out a new Erica and not get shade for being a poser or fake. I used to come up with fun costumes, like when I wore all green, put a P on my shirt and did my make up like I had a black eye. I WAS A BLACK-EYED PEA. GET IT?! Go on…be jealous of my black eyed pea-ness.

In 2000, I got a fake black leather jacket and drew a silver Superman shield on it. I wore a black and silver Superman shirt, and dressed all in black. I was “Millenium Supergirl.” I even had black and silver Superman shield earrings on the collar of my jacket.

erica elenajacket


(Top: Elena, my old roommate and me. Bottom: After Halloween, I put the jacket on my wall in my office at work.)


I have to say that the next year (2001) topped it all. When I was still a single lady living in Brooklyn, my Halloween costume was The. Best. Ever. It was simple, comfortable, and the best way to get a date. I wore my black leather pants, my black boots, and a white t-shirt. What was so special about this t-shirt, you might ask? Nothing…Except that it had a light bulb drawn on it. My friend, Tim, drew the light bulb and I had it printed on an iron on to go on the shirt. That night, I planned to go to the bar that my friend owned and when some attractive person would ask what I was, I would sip my drink and coyly say, “I’m a good idea” with a wink. Unfortunately, what really happened was that I was stuck at work all night, in my awesome Halloween costume, working on a pitch until the wee hours of All Saints Day. Dems the breaks, I guess.

But in all seriousness, be good out there, ghouls and goblins. Be safe. Enjoy. And may you not get indigestion from too much candy!

PS: If you choose to be “a good idea,” at least give me the credit. ; )


  1. Stephen Peterson says:

    “Why couldn’t the ghost get his wife pregnant?”

    “Because he had a Hollow-weenie!”


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