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Erica Schultz Talks About Wonder Woman As A Symbol Of Hope

Everything Charmed!

Charmed Relaunch from Dynamite
Erica Schultz talks Charmed

Review: Charmed #1

Taylor Network
Sunday Comics Podcast : Erica Schultz

Charmed #1: A Thousand Deaths Review

Creator Talks
Charmed by her work.

Secrets of the Sire
Ep 53: Getting “Charmed” with writer Erica Schultz.

Comicosity’s review of Hawkgirl

“Writer Erica Schultz, in just eight simple pages, is already setting a compelling tone for an ongoing Hawkgirl series. Her grasp of Shayera’s internal monologue and the stakes of dealing with both intergalactic and regular street crime has just enough grit to raise the stakes, but not so much as to overwhelm the possibilities of grand super-hero adventure.”

Comixology Conversations from SDCC

“Topics include She-Vengers, vigilante fangirling, crossover magic, velociraptors, sneaky nods, impossible reference photos, irate paleontologists, poppycock and the King’s English, star crossed lovers, fierce dairy competitions, pearl clutching, Pearl Jam, and casually winning awards.”

Nerd For A Living

“We discuss how all [Erica’s] various roles led into her current work in comics…” Episode #48.

Adrian Has Issues Episode 01

The Ballad of Grei Booker.

“Things quickly get wacky as the conversation turns to the ongoing battle of Catholic Vs. Public Schools, a mutual love of the A-Team film adaptation and Erica pays homage to a beloved former classmate.”

Swords of Sorrow Masquerade & Kato Reviews!

“Swords of Sorrow continues to weave an intricate plot.” –

“…another team of excellent female writers…” –

“G. Willow Wilson and Erica Schultz do a great job…” –

“…just a taste of a cliffhanger to get you to want to read more…” –

Swords of Sorrow Black Sparrow & Lady Zorro Reviews!

“Erica Schultz continues to shine… –

“…fun to read…” –

“…this one-shot is a solid addition to what is turning into a really fine crossover event.” –

“Schultz brings both women to life…” –

Vertigo Quarterly SFX #1

“‘Pop Goes the World’ is a colorfully written story by the crazy (in the best way) imaginative Erica Schultz…”

The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary Reviews!

“…a witty tongue in cheek what if story…” –

Cheese: A Love Story Reviews!

“This has all the hallmarks of a great story…” –