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“In short, by the gods, we’ve got another winner on our hands!” – Infinite Earths

WMQ&A Episode 29: Erica Schultz Writes (AND edits AND letters AND …)” – WMQ Comics

“The final pages of this chapter will have you glued to the page and begging for more.” – Horror Talk

“Erica Schultz and Vicente Cifuentes continue as a great creative team…” – Un Cómicas

“A series so full of fun! This one never disappoints.” – Infinite Earths

“Erica Schultz does a great job showing that these characters are still young, early in their respective careers, without over-explanation or relying on a framing story flashback.” – You Don’t Read Comics

“8 ‘Cupcake Machine Guns’ out of 10” – Black Nerd Problems

“Schultz and Takara do that in this issue, making it a very fun read.” – Bam Smack Pow

“This is one of the most impressive and strong books that I have had the pleasure to read this year and should definitely be up for limited series of the year.” – Reading with a Flight Ring

“It’s an engrossing, pitch-perfect balance of dark and light, and while it doesn’t break from genre convention, it certainly introduces some welcome new flavours to the mix. I just wanted more.” – Critical Hit

“The latest issue of Xena: Warrior Princess is top grade, chilling and fun with every turn of the page!” – Infinite Earths

Daredevil and Misty Knight: Year One on One – Newsarama

Twelve Cats Dancing – Gotham by Geeks

“The writing and interior artwork is simply stunning and you will NEVER see any of this coming your way.” – Reading with a Flight Ring

“When I heard the series would be shifting to a new writer, to be quite honest I was a bit disappointed, but with new scribe Erica Schultz now handling the adventures of Xena and Gabrielle, I could not be more pleased.” – Fandom Post

“Xena and Gabrielle find themselves at the tender mercies of a new writer in the form of Erica Schultz who takes over the writing duties from Meredith Finch.” – SciFi Pulse

“Erica Schultz has crafted a magical mystery certain to rope in the readers.” Rating: 5/5 – Infinite Earths

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